Video of Assult by David Araujo July 14th, 2018

IMG 3348: I’m in Car and he won’t move from the driveway and he throws a rock or something.  Full video from iPod Touch device.

IMG 3348: Fast forward to rock impact!  Time to 0:50. Listen for it ‘clunk’!

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IMG 3384 Home Surveillance of David Assault

IMG 3381 Video jump to of rock throw from Home Surveillance.

IMG 3425 Closeup of toss again.

IMG 3427 On return home. He flips me off, three times.

Dear Sonoma Sheriff, I want David arrested, I will press charges & have witnesses.

July 15th, 2018

He was trespassing ‘not his side of property’ and heard him reading my license plate to somebody on the telephone.  I looked at him and he said ‘what the fuck are you looking at’ About an hour later, he was still trespassing and on the phone, I looked at him and said ‘what the fuck are you looking at’.